Monday, March 30, 2009

The Sena at it again

Bal Thakeray, India's Intellectual giant is at it again.

If an innocent lady and her family were not terrorized by these goons, I would actually be laughing at this. But Ms. Anjali Waghmare (whose only fault was to be in the state of Maharashtra's empoyment as a lawyer who could be called upon to defend criminals)'s house was attacked by Thakeray's thugs. She was selected by court to represent that Pakistani terrorist who was captured during the siege of Mumbai.

We all hate the Pakistani terrorist. Just because we hate the terrorist does not mean that we should deny him a lawyer. We have a robust judicial system (as long as the criminal gets a date in court). We still have the death penalty. And there's no reason to expect Kasab to live.

India is not America. India does not keep prisoners arbitrarily in detention camps (without the intention of trying people in court). Mr. Thakeray's efforts to Americanise India should stay restricted to improving standards of living - not torturing prisoners and denying them basic judicial rights.

There is something fundamentally ironic and moronic about fighting terror with ... terror.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama, Airstrikes and Pakistan

I'm fuming about this.

There's a house on fire. The fire department has tried everything it can. It is still burning.

And it is burning because the army has bulldozed its way into town, armed with a jet of ethanol. And the army is using the ethanol to douse the flames. Of course the fire department can't do much if the army is saturating the place with combustible liquid.

For people who haven't caught this drift, the Army here is one Obama - and the ethanol is those missiles that he is sending into Pakistan to kill innocents, women and children (in the guise of eliminating the Taliban).

And the fire is the fire of terror that

(a) Barack Obama's misslies have unleashed among the people by killing men, women and children
(b) The people enraged and radicalised by the injustice of having their mothers, infants and wives slaugtered by Barack Obama's missiles.

I suspect that there is a direct correlation between the drone attacks in Pakistan and the uptick in terrorism. []

Though Obama has marketed himself as a liberal - is almost as jingoistic and insensitive as his predecessor. Stop the bloody drones, Obama! You're not solving any problems by killing and ralicalising more muslims. Your actions are killing human beings. If your goal is to save human beings, then how on earth is killing human beings going to help you achieve that goal?

The wisdom of annhilating millions of livelihoods (and millions of lives) to avenge the deaths of a few thousdands is questionable at best (and genocidal, more realistically).

Update: Terrorism in Pakistan has become so taken-for-granted that the police academy terror siege in Lahore (which has, as of now, killed 35) is not headline-worthy in CNN or Drudge. Luckily, the journalistic integrity in the BBC has not collapsed entirely.