Friday, February 25, 2005

Blogs Get Read!

Perhaps I was wrong. I thought the only person that reads the blog that he or she has written is himself or herself. However, a curt comment on my blog tells me that this is indeed not the case. An entire eco system of people out there survives their otherwise monotonous daily routine by reading, re-reading and commenting on the excretion of stupid bloggers like self on the internet.

This shall act as a form of inspiration for me. Since my blogs shall henceforth be subject to the scrutiny of the ruthless masses, I guess it would do well to mind my manners and offend only those who need to be offended - and not anyone else, which would be somewhat deviant from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's inimitable way of looking at life.

What's the word that I am looking for? Yeah, sober. Sober it is. My blogs shall henceforth be charecterised by a sobriety and a dignity befitting a respectable individual trying to mind his public image.

Not just sobriety. I shall try to make them more intellegent too. Gone are the days when I shall compare auto rickshaws to hybrid automobiles (to the advantage of the former). Also gone are the days when I insist that the General theory of relativity is a con job. I shall back up all assertions with reasons. I shall prove that it is a con job.

You shall hear (or read) only perfectly reasoned out and intellegent insights from my side into various natural phenomena. While I'm at it, I might as well include economics on the list of topics that my profound insights shall attempt illuminate. Shedding light on complex phenomena has always been something that I have been passionate about.

Okay - I'll stop right now, and preempt any comments that might come this way. Yeah, the author of this blog is a pomopous, stupid, sarcastic fool. No, the author does not mean a word of what he says. No, the author shall not adopt an unnatural air of sobriety. The author will still blog with his trademark stupidity - and the commenters can eat cake.

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Blogger952 said...

Howdy - just passing through on the "NEXT BLOG" links.

I enjoyed reading your blog entries - the first few paragraphs anyway. Didn't get past the first couple per blog entry.

Yep, blogs get read. But don't let that hamper you. Blog on!