Saturday, June 11, 2005

History Changes

L.K Advani's Pakistani adventures, his resignation and the consequent BJP resolution have been getting a lot of newsprint. BJP recenty resolved that Jinnah, though immensely secular was responsible for partition. The air thus having been cleared, Advani withdrew his resignation, as is the case with most resignations tendered in this country. Such a practice is usually common amongst railway ministers after rail accidents. We see that this trait is propagating here there and everywhere.

Murli Manohar Joshi's saffron text books are often accused 'fabricating' history.The past week has shown us that his approach certainly does not fabricate any history. With the BJP passing 'resolutions' to authenticate history, it would be quite simple to pass off anything in the name of school book history. The 'saffron' textbooks did not contain biased accounts of History: whatever was in them was resolved to be true - so the question of fabrication does not arise.

BJP's uncanny powers of modifying history by passing resolutions have not gone unnoticed. The German embassy was in touch with the BJP to erase Hitler from the history of the world. (They found it very embarassing to say 'Our great leader was a homicidal maniac' - or whatever its German equivalent is.). Pretty ironic, if you ask me, considering that one of Hitler's fans, Modi is an active member of the BJP. Last heard, BJP was busy sending a delegation to pass a resoultion in Germany.

Bill Clinton also approached the BJP to erase Monica Lewinsky, and Canada to erase Bryan Adams. Sri Lanka wanted to erase the Tsunami and Japan the Nuclear Bomb. China, however, did not care about Tinamen square. No wonder, BJP has very few credibile second rung leaders. They're all at other places passing resolutions and making history, literally.

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Is there anything you regret? Any crime you committed? Any black buck you killed? And woman you raped in Best Bakery? Anybody you Hacked to death after Godhra? Any mosque you destroyed back in the early 90s in Ayodhya?

You can contact BJP to pass a resolution erasing all your previous sins. It is just like a dip in the Ganga - but cleaner! They will, of course, present a bill for their services. They're not communists after all, but reasonable men.


Harish said...

Any History is a fabricated one. Why do you think you know only about the "people's revolution" in ussr and have no clue about the american civil war? Communists wrote that in our history textbooks!

Akhilesh said...

Yup. My point, exactly. Propaganda is everything!