Monday, November 21, 2005

A proud day for India

Let's celebrate.

This is one of the happiest days for India as a nation.

The US had to remove Saddam Hussein from power by force. Wars had to be fought to get rid of Hitler and Mussolini. Kim Jong it just won't budge. The Mughals and other kings raped the common man for centuries on end. Repressive regimes usually plant themselves and refuse to go. But things are different in India now.

We got rid of Indira Gandhi when she was throwing her weight around. And now we get rid of Laloo Yadhav. Laloo Yadhav sat on one of the most resource rich, potentially prosperous, fertile lands on earth, and personally reduced it to a rubble. Bihar is now akin to sub-Saharan Africa despite the fact that the Ganga flows through it. Corruption runs rampant. Casteism is taken for granted. If there is hell on earth, Bihar is it. Or, was it! The people have spoken. The tyrant is OUT.

We're not what Russia was. We won't kill the Laloo clan. Their skeletons won't be found in a cave a century later. We will let them exist their hedonistic existences. We just won't let them run the country again. We're a mature democracy. We are tyrant proof. Thus proven.

We still have to contend with him in the Railway ministry. But we figure, we can altogether avoid him by flying more often. Did you ever wonder why the aviation industry was doing so well all of a sudden? Because of Praful Patel's panache? Or because of that aura of disgust that anything to do with Laloo carries with it?


night in shining armour said...

Congratulations to all Biharis...
You have done India proud :)

xombie said...

Small correction: I was shocked to see that the aviation industry is NOT making profit. The three major airlines in India: I A, Jet and Sahara, according to reports documented last year had piled up huge losses. The head of Virgin Atlantic (I forget his name) in an interview which may be looked up said that Airlines are by nature loss making.

Anyway, good for Bihar one hopes, I hope not in vain. I remember in 1987(!) or so when I lived there, when he first came to power, there were talks about making Bihar becoming a better place than what it was.

Akhilesh said...

Laloo Yadhav is not the reason behind Railways' turnaround.

You never can say, can you?

Akhilesh said...

I meant "now" not "not" Laloo is now the reason for the Railways turning around.