Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Future of Terrorism

The future of terror, just like its past, is in safe (or rather, unsafe) hands. It is not just in the hands of Al-Qaeda, the Taleban, LTTE, LET and the Maoists - groups known the world around as terrorists. These groups are actually the most incompetent; the visible tip of the iceberg. I call them incompetent because we know about them. They have failed in convincing the western masses that they are not terrorists. (But one must understand that my perspective is an Indo-American perspective. A Kashmiri / Iraninan / Iraqi perspective is probably the exact inverse).

The rest of the iceberg of terror is comprised of by (among others)

  • CIA
    • Funded Osama Bin Laden in the 80s. Look who came back to bite the US in the rear.
    • Helped the Shah of Iran; indirectly brought about the islamic revolution. Look who's trying to bite the US in the rear now.
    • Is always trying to assasinate Chavez. Trying to get him out of the office by financing a coup, at least.
    • Supported Genocide in Chile: Pinochet.
    • Supported modern day Hitler Pol Pot in Cambodia.
    • Tortures people all around the world in its "secret" prisons
    • Supports warlords in Somalia "fighting" islamic militia
    • Dabbled in Opium Trade in Asia
    • Tried to kill the leader of Panama
    • Tried to kill the leader of Cuba (Commie Castro)
    • Taught Nicaraguan Troops to encourage rioting on street
    • A lot of other classified stuff.
  • Mossad
    • Systematically tries to kill "enemies of state" (like leaders of Hamas) by giving information of their whereabouts. Usually kills more civilians instead.
    • Has Asassinated (along with a lot of civilians)
  • RAW
    • Created Bangladesh by dividing Pakistan. While it is mind bogglingly obvious that Bangladesh is going to come back and bite India in the rear in the future, it is quite difficult to say the fault would be attributed to RAW.
    • Created Bangladesh and Tried to assasinate the President.
    • Tries to destabilize Balochistan and Waziristan.
  • ISI (Pakistan)
    • Encouraged Sikh militancy in India
    • Parented Taliban
    • Mumbai Bombs; inspired Dawood Ibrahim.
    • Runs Terror Camps in Bangladesh. Also encourages North East India terrorism.
    • Funds radical islamic groups.
I hereby propose that the Axis of Evil be expanded to include the aforementioned groups.

We're a sick planet. And the worst part of this is, that our history is filled with acts of terror that give these groups a Mother-Teresaesque feel. Hitler makes Ahemedinijad look like an angel; Aurangazeb makes Indira Gandhi look like a cuddly teddy bear; and Vlad the impaler makes George Bush look kind of good too.