Monday, July 23, 2007

Doggerel: Impending Doom

These "poems" are dedicated to my little cosine, Kavi.

And there I was in the sea
As deep as I could be
I saw a little hook, it looked nice
And now I'm being served with fried rice.

"Bark, bark, bark!" I said
As I snuggled into my master's bed.
He got up; "Don't disturb me" he said
And kicked me till I was dead.

I can carry fifty times my weight, you see;
No cube of sugar is a match for me.
But I am very scared of the shoe -
For, when it crushes me - there's only formic acid and goo.

I saw a lamb tethered under a tree
My mouth watered"That's a meal for me"!
After a very sumptuous feast,
In the Hunter's cabin, I am now a stuffed beast.


Rahul said...

when did u write these?

Rap said...

I wrote them with Kavi when I was on the verge of getting married.

Radha said...

Impending Doom??

Rap said...

There is going to be a change in nomen-culture (a-la-Raja Rao). This post shall henceforth be known as "Ephemeral Animals".

I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize that the sentiments expressed in this blog do not have any 3-D analogies.

Any inconvenience caused to anyone is regretted.