Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mr Karat Needs an Education

Wheras one does not doubt the US' imperialist tendencies (40% of the rants on this blog lament the same), one cannot help but notice a marked illiteracy in Mr. Karat's recent statement. (The Karat in question is a so-called "Indian Communist" - he has all the right intentions - but seems intellectually misguided - and blinded by Karl Marx).

For those who came in late, here's what he said (I quote a report from the Hindu).

Karat said India's foreign policy has been governed by consensus and non-alignment for the last 50 years. "But if the nuclear deal is through, it will break the 60 years of our foreign policy. "We are not against the people of America or against America as a country. We are against the imperialistic America and the most hated Bush adminstration", he said.

Karat should take a few courses in Economics. An in the first good course he will find what Adam Smith said quite interesting. "It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we can expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest"

To expect America to "help India" out of pure benevolence is ridiculous - but then again, if you blindly believe in Marxism - how smart can you be? Of course, they have their own axe to grind! Everybody has their own axe to grind. The world is just a lot of little people with their own little axes to grind.

If you try to suppress selfish agendas ( like the communists tried to do) - you get long, long queues for potatoes, rampant poverty, omniscient corruption, a disgruntled and demoralized proletariat and a significant unregulated unofficial free market economy - the black market. If you think I am wrong: just look at India - which seems to be in a sort of corrupt social equilibrium*.

Mr Karat is a shrewd man. It seems quite ironic that he would be blind to such obvious facts. Unless, unless, he knows it all - but is trying to tell his vote bank what it wants to hear. He is trying to capitalize on what he perceives as a global Islamic disenchantment with Bushco, perhaps. Another of those morally bankrupt politicians that we keep ranting about?


Mahendra said...

According to Noam Chowmsky, the Indo-US nuclear deal and Indo-Iran oil pipeline deal may be two connected events and their implementation could turn out to be mutually exclusive.

--From east coast.

Rap said...

Of course.

Prof Chomsky's distaste for the nuclear deal is quite well known. His reasons are based on Nuclear proliferation- but honestly - how much worse can it get? It is in the hands of powers that have used them in the past - and even publicly debate using them again!

The energy scarcity in India has to be experienced to be believed. And with climate change being a consequence of traditional fossil fuels, one does need to look beyond for the betterment of one and all. And atomic energy fits that bill - or so they say.

By keeping India out of the Nuclear Club, it's not as if the world is going to become any better. With Russia and US sitting on enough weapons to blow the planet up anyway, does a small epsilon make a difference?

I think the US would want the Indo-Iran oil pipeline to be cancelled - but think it will go through all the same - Indian public opinion being what it is - unless they (the US) do an Iraq on Iran - again quite unlikely because the American voters are quite upset with the mess in Iraq!