Monday, May 19, 2008

A Horrible Week.

Take all the people that have been killed by "islamic terror" in the last couple of decades on one side. The same islamic terror that John McCain and Barack Obama and Bush keep talking about like their lives depended on it. (It is interesting to note that most of those lives lost are in India - not in the U.S, not in Israel.).

And then take, for instance, just the people killed by Earth-Quake in China on the other side. It is sobering to realize that the Earth-Quake in China killed much more people than the entire of islamic terror did in the last 20 years. []

And then add the Mayanmar Cyclone. The number of people killed by the tragic combination of a horrific natural disaster and a murderously incompetent (genocidal seems apt) military government is more than double the death toll in the Chinese cyclone. And last year's Bangladesh Cyclone that killed 10,000.

Let's not even get into the South Asian Tsunami. I think I've made my point without it.

And then you understand how idiotic the infatuation with islamic terror is in American politics (or in world politics). It is distressing to see international politics governed by fear rather than rationality. (But that's how democracies are hard-wired to function, so let's face it). Fear Sells.


If we were to consider terror unleashed in Iraq and Afghanistan by unjust wars, then perhaps numbers would start adding up - but calling these deaths islamic terror is unrealistic as the root cause of this terror is unjustifiable foreign aggression which goes against every bit of international law.

* There's this pathetic argument that apologists for the Iraq invasion often keep giving: Saddam Hussein was killing as many people as are being killed in Iraq right now. He did mercilessly kill people; no doubt - but he certainly did not kill 100,000 in the space of 5 years. And certainly not a million.


unicorn said...

Total world population as of date is appx 6,602,224,175. If you consider all these people to live for 100 years that is 36500 days the average number of people dying per day should be 180,882. So don worry RAP, it happens.

Every one has to die!!!

Rap said...

100 years is too many. Let's say 65. That would make the number 120K ish.

I agree with your analysis that at least 100k people die every day.

But one must differentiate between death due to old age and premature death.

My point was that our priorities are misplaced because democracies are hard-wired to misplace priorities.

unicorn said...

Yeah, I actually got carried away and missed your point. Might be your title was the culprit, I was literally imazning a horror filled week where every one was dying and hence the analysis.

Got your point and cant agree more.