Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shoes, Tea Parties and the Like.

Firstly, some apologies for not updating. I've hardly been getting time to do anything other than work these days. I have been catching up with my news regularly - but I have just not been able to sound off on the numerous events that have transpired since my last significant post.

Inspired by that Iraqi journo who hurled shoes at the American Bush, several Indian journalists, teachers and party workers have hurled shoes, shoes and slippers respectively at their over-lords. Home minister P Chidambaram (at the recieving end of the second of the said projectiles at the hands of a political dissident) actually went ahead and did a Gandhi ("I forgive him".).

Since these projectiles were traveling at sub-sonic velocties and certainly did not originate in a barrel, one does find them rather amusing and disconcerting at the same time. This method of expressing discontent seems to be decidedly better than methods being used by some in Pakistan these days - but still, does one really want to go there? Ought we be throwing shoes at anyone? What good could possibly come out of throwing shoes at Chidambaram?
This proliferation of projectiles propelled towards leaders does at least indicate that Indians are staying cognizant of events occurring on the international stage. It is obvious that these incidents were inspired by the intrepid Iraqi who was reluctant to buy into the idea that his nation was prospering under the US of A's imperial presence within its borders. What's next? Tea parties in Patiala?

Update: As of April 28th, shoes (and slippers) have been hurled at Dr. Singh and the CM of Karnataka and alleged Muthalik sympathizer, Yeddyurappa. Looks like the shoe event horizon has truly arrived in the sub-continent (positive economic growth rates notwithstanding).

Tea Parties

Several hundred (a few thousand) Americans, oblivious to the fact that Obama's stimulus package actually cut taxes on the middle class, took to the streets claiming that their tax rates were too high. They went ahead with ridiculous proclamations that Obama was Hitler's reincarnation - and threw the f-word ("fascist") around quite liberally.

In my opinion, the tea parties are the most perverse events on the face of this planet. There is nothing worse than seeing some of the richest people on this planet whine about paying their taxes - especially when their taxes are at historically low levels.

Considering that people around the world are dying of starvation and extreme poverty it seems offensively selfish to see the pampered elite of this planet complain that their government is eating up their hard earned cash - especially when their taxes are lower than other liberal democracies.

Rich Americans and Europeans, the only reason that you're rich is because you have colonized a rich land that you snatched away from indigenous folks and (slaugtered them all). If all of you were stuffed inside continental Europe, I dare say, you would not be about as prosperous per-capita as you are right now. Europe has a population of 0.7B. Americans (mainly descended from Europeans) number 0.35B. Add them together and take away the entire area of north America - and you will probably have a sub-continent-esque economic situation in Europe.

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