Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm off Facebook

I've decided to lay off Facebook on weekdays, because I just don't care if someone is doing well in some inane mafia wars game. I hate farmville. I really don't care if people send me a hug, what with me being happily married and all.

I just realized that I was spending way too much idle time on facebook without actually enjoying it. I would reflexively go to the facebook site and see that some nut out there has taken a quiz about how well he/she knows some other nut. My time is more valuable than that.

The only possible advantage with facebook is of course, the constructive discussions I have had with several people. Facebook acts as a conduit for sharing interesting articles and having discussions with smart people regarding the same. And this aspect shall be missed.

But I do think a competent blogger should be able to overcome that issue - by blogging about said articles instead. The blogoshpere is a better place to vent one's opinions - because one's thought process is not cut short by message size limitations (as they are on facebook). One can be as articulate as one desires - and there's plenty of space for rhetorical flourishes.

So, as of today, I have requested the wife to change my FB password log in for me on Sundays. That's the only time I intend to spend on FB. Lil green patch, you'll have to wait.


Rahul said...

This blog should have a 'like' option

Rap said...

Rahul: You can sound off in the comments section. You also have a 'hate' option. You can say 'I hate this post!'

pj said...

Cute : D. An english professor here in Cambridge once told me that man are not suppose to be called cute but handsome but I'm sorry this is very cute (especially the password changing bit). Though I do agree with all the others bit but its like getting spams in the old yahoo email days, one learns to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that you have to get your wife to change your password.

Just don't go into Facebook, period.
Are you copncerned that you will go back into FB again un;less your password is changed without your knowledge??

Rap said...


You got it. I am concerned that I will go back to FB during some boring afternoon instead of working.

Of course, there are several ways to change the password without utilizing the wife's help - for instance, writing down a horribly complicated word (such as hfdjghsfdg12hgf on a piece of paper (at random), leaving it at home, and using it as a password).

But it is so much easier with the wife. And a little funnier.