Sunday, November 29, 2009

Swiss Bigots?

Can anybody please tell me how the recently approved Swiss ban on building minarets is not against the freedom of expression?

If you're banning minarets on mosques, then you must ban steeples on churches and idol-like thingies on Hindu temples. You may consider banning the public display of meatballs by Pastafarians and white handkerchief equipped mannequins, and space movies in theaters.

Et tu, prosperous liberal socialist neutral alpine countries?

Are India, the US and the UK the only true liberal democracies left?


Naresh said...

Two things:

1. "Nordic"??

2. How in the world is India a true liberal democracy?
Freedom of expression? Salman Rushdie? MF Hussain? Tasleema Nasrin?
The Senas?
Ayodhya? (ok this one might be slightly unrelated to being a liberal democracy)

Rap said...


(1) You're right. Not Nordic. Fact check goof up. Will remove that immediately.

(2) The thing about India was mildly tongue in cheek. Of course India is not as liberal a democracy is Swz - and that is fine, considering that we're poor and we've got bigger fish to fry.

That said, India has very few anti-religious minority laws, because of vote bank sensitivities. Therefore India would never be able to enact this minaret law. Since India would never be able to enact this minaret law, clearly, I have the opportunity to slide in a condescending remark about the Swiss, which I do not normally get the chance to, as an Indian.

I can cite many more examples of why India is not a l.d. - for instance, laws which make homosexuality and other "unnatural sex" illegal.

All in all, your points are well taken.