Sunday, May 22, 2005

In Limbo

The course at IIT having concluded, some sort of all-pervasive laziness engulfs me right now. All that I am doing is looking at the news channels on television – and watching out for that eternally elusive weather ticker, while I gobble mangoes and other lesser fruits. It is with utter difficulty that I have brought myself to blog.

I guess this state of utter inactivity (joblessness, as I would have called it, in those good old days at IIT) would be quite common among IITians who shall be setting sail (or should I say wing?) to the US of A for higher studies. [Ah, how I delude myself].

I could do a whole lot of things right now. If only I could kick this laziness. Some ideas that I have decided not to pursue are listed below. I have also tried explaining why I am not doing them.

  • Write a book: I don’t write well! If you are a regular reader of this blog, you shall surely agree.
  • Learn how to dance: I don’t know, but one tsunami is enough for quite a long time. People who have seen me shall certainly agree, especially my father who would use a spherical co-ordinate system to define a point on me, given the chance.
  • Sing: I live in a flat. Greenpeace would call it sound pollution. The local wing of the SPCA would want a piece of me too: there are a lot of pets in the flat.
  • See a movie: I don’t like movies. As a matter of fact, I hate them.
  • Swim: It’s too sunny. Solar radiation shall refract through the water and heat me up. Since the majority of the body shall be under-water, evaporation shall not be able to cool it.
  • Learn how to cook: I love my family.
  • Update Wikipedia: The internet connection is slow. Too boring.
  • Go around the city on the car: Did you know about something called the Hubbert oil peak? It is expected to occur shortly. You could also join a community called ‘Peak oil crisis’ on Orkut. How could I do such and eco-insensitive thing?
  • Join the local Chapter of Greenpeace: I live in Nasik, Maharashtra. The closest I can get to Greenpeace is the saffron Shiv Sena. Perhaps they would be interested in saving the tiger. At the rate the cat is tumbling towards extinction, they will have to change their symbol to a dog or something to avoid accusations of being a fossilized party.
  • Write the paper, which I have promised my guide: I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • Sit and vegetate and make excuses and get abysmally fat: That’s exactly what I am doing.


The Ignoramus said...

lol...u surely should consider writing a comic novel, or a satire.

bharath said...

i echo ramsubs' sentiments...