Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Michael Stripe might very well have been talking about an IITian leaving IIT then. There is a slightly sad tinge to leaving - but the optimism for the future that IIT gives you ensures that you do feel fine.

Lots of sentimental blogs seem to abound right now. Every one seems to be weeping at the very thought of leaving IIT and is saying it out. So, I shall join the tear parade.

Life's been quite good here at IIT (though I have been persistently complaining about the weather and the grading system). As a matter of fact it's been amazing. I have found lots of good friends here at IIT and have been introduced to research by one of the most inspiring professors in this place. Things, overall were amazing.

And hence a heavy heart on leaving IIT. The room was being packed up today - it was something of a judgement day for some clothes - they either come home with me or stay here. The computer was put inside the carton and the music system was packed for good too. The end of an era. I've had these things with me for four years.

Ah, they've seen a lot. They saw saw me crack under pressure in the criminally overloaded and compressed third semester. They saw me stage a rebound of sorts in the next semester (owing mainly to one course (Dynamics of Machinery) which had caught my imagination). They have also borne witness to the millions of programs I wrote as a part of my MTech project - and all the million drafts of the paper and the thesis. They have seen rather large proportion of red font that the Prof. invariably used to inflict on it.

How could the computer miss the millions of saarangs and shaastras? The peseverent preparation for the simulation championships, the rather hasty preparation for the lone wolf quiz (we weren't caught off guard luckily, though), the obscene bulls eye IPs, the equally obscene list of judges for speaking events, the farce called the reality show, the blasphemous rag (Saarang newsletter).... the computer has seen it all.

My music system was an Iron maiden devotee when it popped in in my second year. Years saw me metamorphasize into a person who can appreciate Bach as well as Maiden -- and a lot of the stuff that comes in between. IIT has broadened by perspective here again. It is contemplating listening making me listen to carnatic classical too now. But is it too late?

I'm more confident now. Period. I can stare anyone who is bullshitting in the eye and tell them so - more so in my field - heat transfer. I am sure that this confidence will grow in Texas too. I'm a confident mechanical engineer. The kind that gets excited whenever he sees a machines in the nude. As a concequence I am perpetually excited when in transit - especially by railway.

I've also found love at IIT - in the form of a girl (fortunately). We have decided to wind up together - our regular flare ups notwithstanding. More on this in future blogs.

Here's to preserving an IITian life style forever.

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