Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Burj Khalifa

Beautiful building and all that. Fail to see any credible reason why it should have been made.

Here's why.

(1) There is no lack of Horizontal space in Dubai / UAE, making this a pointless exercise. If they made something like this in Mumbai / NYC, it would make sense.

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(2) This is pretty much why Dubai is in the state it is: absolute financial disarray. Excesses.
(3) And what is the likelihood that they will get anywhere close to full occupancy? Almost zero.
(4) Dubai has a population of 2M, of which 40% are Indian. 2M is Slightly more that the pop of Vizag. Does not need a tall building.
(5) Following from (1) and (4), this is clearly an ego thing. Which seems embarrassing, considering (2).
(6) No amount of tall buildings will make theocracies livable, especially the woman hating, gay killing kind.
(7) Futher, the predominantly South Asian workers hired for constructing the building were forced to live in conditions not in line with the developed world.
(8) Barbarism such as this is not helping Dubai's ghastly image.

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