Friday, January 29, 2010

Critics of Homeopathy take Note

This is what got me into the doggerel mode.

Of course homeopathy works.
Because the Placebo effect works.

If you believe homeopathy works
Then it works.

Because of Placebo.

But proving that homeopathy does not work,
You will ensure that the placebo does not work.

Because if people think that homeopathy works,
Then their faith will heal them.

Of course you can argue that they believe in a lie.
But what's so bad about it, if it works?

To me homeopathy is a lot like religion.
They're both factually wrong.
But people are happier with them.
People are fitter with them.

Faith is underrated.
Homeopathy works because of faith.
And to prove that it's wrong
will kill those who believe in it.
Because, bottomline: they're being healed by placebo. By faith.

Faith is under-rated.
Placebo is under-rated.

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