Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Missing a convocation?

West India wears a particularly wet look now. The clouds are descending to the land - and trains as well as planes refuse to do their job. Conscequently, my degree shall go unaccepted; an embarassed silence shall prevail when my name is announced in the convocation hall. Unless, of course, the clouds behave better.

My television screen is tuned to one of the umpteen news channels that are showcasing the natural disaster in the making - Mumbai - and it is a dreary sight. Intrepid correspondents (who seem to be the order of the day, of late) wade into the water armed with a trusty camera man, and a trustier umbrella and convince me that going to Mumbai will be a challenge akin to going to Iraq or any other battlezone. Therefore, I see an empty seat (two actually, Mum won't be there either!) flying in Jet Airways on the 28th. If it ever does fly.

But not all hope is lost. It could be a sunny day tomorrow; after all the Met Department does predict a lot of rain, and I don't trust them an inch! But jesting apart, there's always a chance that Mumbai could crawl back to normalcy by day-after. Such disturbances are quite commonplace in India's financial capital. Mumbai has this knack of bouncing back. All it needs is a little repreive from the weather Gods. A little slackening of the rain.

It could have been worse: I could have been flying to the U.S today! The lounge in Sahar air port would have to be my home for a very long time. Me and my co-passengers would be a bunch of Tom Hankses stuck in Sahar. And now that it has rained its heart out a fortnight before the aforementioned U.S. trip, it seems additionally unlikely that extremely wet weather shall cause problems then.

Be that as it may, it is quite a disappointing thing - the notion of missing a convocation. It's not as if it's the convocation I'll be missing. I'll be missing all the friends to whom I said "See you at convo.". I'll never see them again, probably. I'll be missing my guide, with whom I'll have to discuss something I have been avoiding for quite some time. And I'll be missing the abundant sunshine of Chennai, especially since I live near the west coast.

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bharath said...

so ur hopes of reaching convo are presently drenched is it? sad ra rap...