Thursday, July 28, 2005

Missing the Convocation.

There’s no more tension anymore. I'm just not going, that's it!

After watching torrential rain destroy Mumbai, close down the highway and delay flights indefinitely, the decision to go to Chennai for the convocation was not a decision anymore. There was no way to go to Mumbai from Nasik; there was no way to go from Mumbai to Chennai. I couldn’t sneak into Chennai via Hyderabad either: the Godaviri river flooded, canceling all trains in that direction (from Nasik). I’ve cancelled my tickets of Chennai ….. and Jet Airways was kind enough to give me a complete refund.

So, I shall languish at home. I won’t be able to give Chennai one last look before pushing off to the U.S of A. Lots of people hold that not seeing Chennai again is quite a good thing… I mean, this place is burning hot when the rest of the country is in a deluge; Jayalalithaa begs for water when the rest of the country doesn’t know what to do with it. I can’t say I disagree. The worst part of IIT Madras was the climate of Chennai.

I won’t see most of my friends ever again. I won’t see my guide for quite some time. I won’t be able to go to the library one last time. I won’t be able to see the new hostel and the mega mess (which they should have finished constructing by now). I won’t be staying at the old hostel ever again. No more Gurunath coffee…..

But let that go, shall we? My inconvenience is nothing compared to that of others in this country right now. A look at the rivers in Mumbai shall certainly show you a lot of people who shall deserve sympathy a lot more.

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