Thursday, December 08, 2005

All Ice on Me?

If I ever heard a crunching noise while walking on grass back in India, I would have felt a wee bit upset. I would probably have had stepped over a snail or something - perhaps an insect, rendering the same lifeless. But today, in the morning, when I did my walk to the university, I heard crunching sounds whenever I walked on grass.

SPCA need not worry. Gandhi can rest easy. My policy of Ahimsa has not been breached. It was only the ice. The ice that had formed over the blades of grass and made them brittle.

It was as if I was walking on glass inside a freezer today. Temperatures fell below that psycological 0 degrees C mark, which meant that my blood could freeze. I could feel the blood in my ear contemplate freezing. I must thank my heart for pumping the blood amply fast enough to avoid any such exigiency. Thank you, O convective acceleration. (For the ear is probably in hydrodynamic steady state).

The traditional Texas heat is probably vacationing somewhere in the southern hemisphere. This place has become cold after yesterday's freezing rain. Frigid. The trees and the plants have got a lusturous coating of ice. Quite ugly, actually. Iccicles have formed on cars and bicycles. (My cycle was badly formed ice upon, rendering it phenomenally useless in the short term). I had to walk.

I am told that this place will bear a barren look throughout the winter. If any birds are flying south for winter, they shall certainly not be in for a treat in College Station. If they land here, the silly things will be in for the shock of their lives. They will fly all the way to Chile in order to overcompensate for the biggest mistake of their lives. Oscar Wilde would probably have put a dead swallow on the foot of that oil-digger's statue here.

Fearing the ice, the university has shut down today. So, quite obviously no student has turned up for my office hours. (Duh!). Not that they would have turned up if the university were open.

What the hell am I doing here? I think I'll go back soon. More crunching the grass on the way. Perhaps a warm drink too. A coffee sounds real enticing. When I get home.

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