Friday, December 16, 2005

STUPID Files: The Bomb Hoax

An email purpotedly from a terrorist requested India to cut off all links with the USA, failing which a bomb would explode in the parliament as well as in US consulates.

What was the Idiot thinking? That India would break ties with the US on seeing this message? India might bribe Saddam Hussein, be in love with Iran (for its oil), not send troops to Iraq, but it will never break ties with the U.S just just because a terrorist told it to. The only way that the parliament will actually consider breaking up ties with US is perhaps, if the US is found to have a role in Saurav Ganguly's being dropped from the cricket team. Unlikely, since Cricket is something that people have never heard about the the U.S of A.

Did the terrorist really think he was going to succeed? Was this his "moment of glory"? His 15 seconds of annonymous fame? Or was it some disgruntled visa applicant who was denied a Visa into the US in the Chennai consulate? We can but speculate.

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