Tuesday, December 06, 2005

He should die

If there is an iota of truth in what Witness A says in Iraq, Saddam Hussein deserves to die. Not a painless death by lethal injection, not with the luxury of hanging unto death, not with the enjoyment of an electric chair, but with the misery of having every hair plucked slowly from his body continuously for more than a month.

A little extreme? Perhaps. But genocide is something that people should think twice about before comitting. Hitler too. Pol pot. Idi Amin. For they are not humans, but monsters. They deserve no better.

Witness A, we are told, is just the tip of the iceberg. There are people everywhere in Iraq who have suffered in Saddam's Hands. Their sordid tales will be told as the tiresome trudge towards justice continues. Saddam's dreams will be haunted by his misdeeds. He shall beg for death.

He shall also feel jealous. And stupid. There are people who have done worse and got away with it. Joseph Stalin's misdeeds never caught up with him. Laloo Yadhav roams a free man endangering India all the more as the railway minister. Osama bin laden exists, albeit a probably miserable existence (though a lot happier than Saddam in Captivity) in the harsh mountains of Afghanistan. Why did Bush have to catch Saddam?

Saddam isn't behaving like king Puru either. King Puru was the epitomy of dignity, when captuted by Alexander. But Saddam is more like a baby who has dirtied his diapers. Cranky.

I still question the American war in Iraq. If the war was to liberate Iraq from a tyrant, then it has succeeded. If the war was to humiliate the tyrant, then it has succeeded too. If the war was to punnish a father's enemy, it has succeeded. If the war was to end terror, it has backfired to an amazing extent. There was almost no terror in the proximity of Iraq before the war. Now, that place has become something of a minefield. Iraqis keep dying by the dozen daily. American troops, for absolutely no fault of theirs also keep dying on a regular basis.

I think the war is primarily democratic appeasement. Bush knew he had to do something to look as if he was doing something. Or else he was out. So, he used to oldest trick in the book. Emotion. Get people involved. Put their troops in Iraq. They will have to support them. If the war was to get Bush re-elected, it has succeeded. After all, the ultimate goal of politics is to stay in power. And the ultimate goal of weapon makers is to sell their weapons. If the war was to increase the weapon demand all over the world, it surely has succeeded.


Avinash said...

I am slisha pained at ur comparison of King Puru with Saddam Hussein.

Akhilesh said...

King Puru wins. Hope that makes you happy.