Thursday, March 02, 2006

The day that 30 met 328

When finally, 328 from 243 was free;
328 thought it would just walk into prosperity.

But the ride was tough, the road was bumpy;
Most from 328 were still of 243 wary.
So, 28 adopted a "social democracy";
- and was plagued by rampant beauraucracy.

Forty five years later, an economist,
328 from the shackles set free.
328 started to grow enormously -
Enough to catch the attention of 30.

328 opened up, started to drink oil,
Started to make cars and drugs on its own soil.
And one fine day in a desert,
328 created a fungus.

30 started to spit venom;
Started to treat 328 like scum.
But 328 had problems of it own,
186 and 136, to mention some.

Though 328 dreams to be a 30,
Most of 328 is lost in poverty.
Although, lots of 328 diffuses to 30;
density gradient, you see.

328 does a lot of work that is dirty
For the rich - especially 30.
But 30 still shunned 328,
For creating the fungi.

30 and 328 seem to be in love again-
Peace brokered by "mutual economic gain".
Harness the fungi for peace, they did say;
When 30 came to 328 today.

[ You might need some help decrypting this.]


Srihari said...

I'm sure you're talking of either Madagascar or UAE, but I can't decide between them !!

Akhilesh said...

Hint: UAE will own the ports of the country in question.


Radha said...

Good one...

Rap said...

The Numbers seem to have been corrected in the aricle now. The Title should now read
"The day that 31 met 336"