Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A new blog

Just as the velocity of a fluid particle in an arbitrary reference frame can be split into two parts like:
I propose to split my blog into two parts. This part ( shall be the part with the spin; the part with the opinion, the part with the arrogance, the part with the attitude. The other part is the simplistic, non-layered day to day journal, where emphasis shall be on mundane, day-to-day experiences of the notorious PhD life, and not on comprehending the complexities of this world. This part lives under the domain name

Purists among my readers will spot a cliche in the name. The alphabet "e" is shared by both mundane and existence, making it a rather lame title. I hope that does not deter them from visiting the blog.

People might argue that I am running low on material to fill up one 'blog, so, what right do I, the author, have to inflict the world with yet another of these monstrosities. I anticipate that people would have looked at Victor von Frankenstien the same way when he had just created his "creature".

The material for the new blog will be something more on the lines of "I had my coffee today. Then I went to class. I walked, nay, cycled on the road. The day was warm.". As you can see, the title (The Mundane life of a grad student) is quite apt. The reason for the new blog, of course, is to laugh at myself and my stupidities in the future.

I am also in favour of the odd technical discussion in the same. I believe this new blog would be a nice way to archive my "ideas" as I work on my PhD problem. Of course, I am assured that plagiarism will be impossible, since no one reads my blog anyway!!

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