Friday, March 24, 2006

India is moving in the right direction

You know a developing country is well on the path of development when most of the following is true.

  • When the biggest danger facing the nation is identity theft as opposed to mass genocide.
  • When the political wars are between subtly left leaning parties and subtly right leaning parties, not between the Ku-Klux-Klan and the Maoists. **
  • When privacy and the environment make headlines, not rampant debilitating corruption and debauchery
  • When gay rights becomes an issue, as opposed to just rights
  • When television plays a lot of "tasty pet food" advertisements
  • When new religions and gods are concocted (such as Scientology and FSM)
  • When South Park (or its equivalent) can be aired
  • When people think twice about using pirated copies of Windows
  • When mature anchors like Prannoy Roy and Barkha Dutt are replaced by cranky, opinionated Bill O'Rielly and Lou Dobbs
  • When everyone is concerned about their privacy, yet their government knows everything about their income.
  • When people are concerned about robots reading their email and placing advertisements on it
  • When late night comedy shows (featuring pompous know-it-alls) have more than a "niche" audience
  • When MTV starts playing indigenous crap
  • When every city has a sport team - and people actually come to watch games.
  • When international sport is not given a damn for.
  • When a locally made version of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" is immensely popular
  • When the poor suffer from obesity (thanks to McDonald's) and do not starve to death
  • When majority of the people drink brewed, as opposed to instant coffee.
  • When people love their pets, but eat equally large animals
As you can see, India is almost there.

** American politics, in my opinion is a sad joke. It is really pathetic to see people so passionate about being either Democratic or Republican. Both the parties have a rather minor difference in ideology... Something like the Congress and BJP in India. In this respect, I would dare suggest that India has developed more than the US. Lots of leaders who leave the BJP just fit into the Congress, and vice versa. There is no "ideological" difference. Of course, what drags India's development down is the left, which has proven to be stubbornly ideological, often pulling down governments whose ideology they disagree with.

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