Friday, January 06, 2006


Not that I went anywhere of consequence. Let's just say that I have been suffering from a bad case of writer's block. (I know, calling myself a "writer" is taking an optimistic liberty But I hope the reader is in a forgiving mood, and shall take this in his/her stride and not think too much of this momentary lapse of reason.). After almost an era I'm back on the hot seat, blogging away to glory - or to shame, as one anonymous commentator would have it.

Since I have no real issue to rake up right now, I'll talk about what I did (or what I did not do) in the last few days. Read this if you can't afford those costly insomnia medications.

But before go into that, a small social note here. Don't you get the feeling that someone is taking your brain, squeezing it dry, stamping on it and feeding it to a dog when you see someone use 'ur' for 'your' and 4 for 'for'? I believe it is the leading cause of mental anguish for all English Speakers, an endangered race anyway. Anonymous, take notice.

So, what did I do these holidays? Well, some friends came over. Met them after a long time, a joyous reunion was effected. Some adventures in the kitchen ensued - often led to success in moderation. A car was rented, and the sole driver was exploited. State parks were visited, freeways were traveled the wrong direction upon. Photos were taken, fun was had - more so in the drive than in the actual destination.

The Houston space center was visited. An 18 year old cannot explain rocket science to a bunch of eternally cynical IITians. A favorable impression did not form. But photos were taken, as they always are, and some fun (of sorts) was had. Of course, extortionate amounts were paid to the starbucks guys for coffee, and queues reminiscent of a ration shop back in India had to be stood in only to be ripped off.

College Station was walked around, a couple of movies were watched, one of which could have been called the highlight of the trip. The movie, a musical, insisted that Hitler's full name was Adolf Elizabeth Hitler, and peals of laughter were consistently expunged into the air in the duration of the movie, for the plot was ridiculous. The Producers. Check it out sometime.

And now the friends have gone home. So, loneliness has come by again. And this time, I am spending my time cannibalizing many Mr. Peanuts. Self shall become one of those rotundas that airports boast of. A sort of inflated feeling persists even now. Lots of jogging seems not to help.

Woe is me.


Anonymous said...

Noticed. Agreed you have nothing to write on but please don't blog on comments. It wasn't a crime of your order of exaggeration. But true that even I like my blog to be as much English as possible even in the comments it gets.

Akhilesh said...

Hey. Anonymous. Just to set the record straight. I did not write the blog based on your comment. I was going to blog this anyway. Your ur just reminded me of the terribile ordeal that one usually goes through while reading some messages on the mobile phone.

Exaggeration is humor (to some mortals like me), for it is absurd. If you do contend that exaggeration is a crime, then maybe we could discuss it sometime down the line.

Do I need to worry about being thrown in Jail if you ever become the Prime Minister / President? Unfortunately, I won't know, since you're anonymous ;)

swapna said...

Commenting as anonymous is only a way to avoid filling in the blogger username and password.And most of them thought I was commenting for I wanted my page to be read.So I sought the Anonymous.Anyway, is my page.
And your exaggeration amused me too.So you need not fear the Jail ordeal.