Saturday, January 28, 2006


His was a poor penniless life,
Yet had to support a daughter and a wife
He would labor two jobs a day,
feed his mouths to feed, pay his bills to pay.

She led a pretty and prosperous life,
Never had to struggle, no strife.
She had a daughter, too, a cute little thing
Who to one and all joy did bring.

His daughter wanted a toy doll one day.
He worked harder; overtime; so that he could pay
And buy her the doll, she would be so happy,
The gleeful smile on her face, he would see.

Her daughter wanted the doll too -
She was so busy at work, so, purchase she forgot to.
She recalled on the way back, but the shop had passed,
So, she desperately exclaimed "Please get me a doll God!"

He worked in a sewer that day,
Started home with the doll in his bag,
He tripped and fell, and in the darkness the doll was lost.
And he went home, depressed and distraught.

While she was driving home in her Merc,
she saw something secluded on the sidewalk.
"Ah, the doll! My prayers have been answered,
God is great, he has listened to my word!"

She started believing in God all the more,
And decided to spread his word to the poor.


Radha said...

Hey...I liked this poem. You should write more when you get time.

Akhilesh said...