Tuesday, January 17, 2006

India's Jewish Mother

People in the "enlightened" west shudder at the thought of governement controls. Actually, not as much shudder as hold in disdain. Infringement, they reckon it is.

But India is a country where some so called "Pundits" in Delhi or some pompous fool heading a maniac-fanatic cult (such as the RSS) tries to govern the way India acts. I am talking of the moral police that are harassing citizens everywhere. Men and women when together are frowned at. (Western values "permeating and polluting" virgin India). Obviously, these idiots have never been either to Kajuraho or Ellora. And to make humanity run out of options, Homosexuality is sneered at too, which makes acceptable the company of eunuchs. And there's not too many of them around.

Put your leg up on a table or chair somewhere, someone will come and tell you that the heavens are going to fall on you. Oft, rudely. (Perhaps, this is a rather unjustified comment. Things are costly, back in India. People value whatever resources they have, oft meager).

So, certainly, coming from a such a society, is does not surprise me that Arjun Singh is throwing water on the International Aspirations of IIMs.

People in the government, there are better things for you to worry about. A five letter word, Bihar comes to mind, obviously. Not that slums elselwhere are fantastic. Not that people don't live in utter poverty and misery.

Leave the IIMs alone. Let them spread abroad. They are not using any taxpayer's money. As a matter of fact, tax them even more. And use that to alleviate poverty. Make sure that the corrupt hands of Laloo and the like don't get to touch the money.

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