Friday, January 27, 2006

Ethical way to eat meat

I am a vegetarian primarily because I don't want to hurt the animal which is dying. Being a vegetarian has been an ethical choice - a humane choice. I do not want to be cruel to the animal by creating pain for it.

I suppose there are a lot of people in the world like me. People like us, of course, cannot help but feel their mouths water when they see ads for steaks and the like advertised on TV. And guess what, there IS a hope for us! This 'hope' can be summarized in a four letter word: CIPA. Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhydrosis.

It is a rare genertic disorder in Human beings which shuns pain. Children with CIPA are known to bang their heads against walls - and essentially be extremely careless. That what you would expect when Nature's feedback system is overriden. Apparently, only 17 people in the United States have CIPA.

So, essentially, the crux of what I am saying is, do research. Develop a CIPA injection .... can be injected into cows, chickens, turkeys, hens, donkeys, horses and other animals ... and then the guillotine treatment. The animals won't feel a thing ... and Presto! You got humane meat.

We can extend this to include Euthanasia. An extremely sick person can be given this CIPA injection and then be, say, electrocuted, for all practical purposes. I, however, do not recommend the CIPA injection be administered to a criminal before executing him, for the lure of a painless death may encourage suicidal maniacs to go on a killing spree, something that everyone would like to avoid.

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