Sunday, February 05, 2006

Free Speech and all that crap

(This is regarding the insensitive cartoons of Prophet Mohammed)

I believe there's nothing more dangerous than a blind believer in "principles". European media, especially the ones who have published those pictures after the original outrage - you're a bunch of bull-headed morons.

It sounds very nice when you say you "believe" in free speech. You are sure you are right about this, and believe that everyone should "respect" this right. So, you go and insult something that others hold very close to their heart. Free speech, after all.

If you're allowed to hold blind convictions, hold that "free speech" is the most important thing in the world, then you would be a hypocrite to condemn any reaction that follows.

This naive arrogance on the part of the European Media has caused hurt and aggravated the Islamic world. If the Europeans cannot respect the sentiments of the people in the Islamic world, the Islamic world will not respect the sentiments of the Europeans. Anarchy will prevail; and that is something the world can do without.

Principles and religion have been the downfall of man. Pragmatism and tolerance should replace principle. Since there are immensely many ways to look at a fact, having confidence in one's assessment of the same shows a kind of arrogance that proves almost fatal when negotiating with another culture - a culture that is largely different from the one one is accustomed to.


Akhilesh said...

It had to happen. Five dead in Kabul because of these miserable cartoons. I'm sure you "champions of free speech" are feeling happy with yourselves.

What of responsibility, you morons who published those cartoons?

It is heartbreaking to see such insensitivity and carelessness in the "educated" world.

Radha said...

Hey, about European's not respecting sentiments of non-europeans - It is so true. I think this happened a year ago, but I am not so sure - they would print the pictures of Hindu God's on some filthy clothes for a Paris Fashion show or something. Indian's gave up and lodged a protest, I think. But not to the extent of burning down embassies, though

Akhilesh said...

I don't care about others not "respecting sentiments", actually. Common sense should have told them (the idiots who publish these newspapers) that Violent reactions (resulting in death) could a be a conscequence.

Anonymous said...

this is hypocrisy akhilesh
wtf -u dont care about hindus but want to act like a godfather for muslims; u have proven ur self to be a hyocrite, similar to the communists, who say liberty etc and then go on to create gulags

Rap said...


As usual, you miss the point completely. What is your IQ .. 10?

People died. Get it? They died.
Because some idiot wanted to masturbate about free speech.

The issue is my comments on Hindus are unlikely to kill people.

I am not sympathising with muslims. I am just saying .. don't do something which is likely to kill someone. If you know someone is going to die because of what you have done then you are ... well .. a MURDERER.

Anon, you don't get it.