Sunday, February 19, 2006

Kicked out by the great firewall?

I think I might have solved the riddle that has been plaguing me for a very long time. Why do very few people read my blog? And why do fewer people comment on it?

I think the answer lies in my using the terms "Tinamen Square" in a few of my posts earlier. This would, in all probability, have resulted in my blog being kicked out by the Great Firewall of China, therefore, reducing my "market" by roughly 45 millon users.

No wonder, there's been scarce activity on the comments section of my blog of late. However, I, the optimist that I am, would like to look at the silver lining. The fact that my blog is probably blocked in China essentially means that it has been read by a few of the 30,000 odd Chinese censors. It is a gratifying feeling, since they would have had to delve real deep into this blog to catch the sensitive parts! So, I do know that a few people have read a lot of the 89 posts that precede this.

But then again, the pessimistic side contends that this could have been done by a computer. And alas, that is more realistic.


Radha said...

Hey...I have been commenting...and I visit your blog atleast once a day...but then again, I guess it does not count :-)

Srihari said...

Rap, I left a comment on your last post, which ironically was far from humorous, but I was speaking more generally, about all the posts (this one for instance, and the one about your name!).