Thursday, February 23, 2006

He should have gone to India

Michael Jackson would have been safer in India than in Bahrain. Bahrain is an Islamic country, and might sentence him to death if the accusations that he molested children are essentially proved to be true.

Had he gone to India, then the decrepit judicial system of the country would have:

1. Set the date of judgement in 2050 or something, by which time he would be dead

2. Acqutted him (beacuse of insufficient evidence, when in reality he would have bribed some politician to bribe some judge to get his acquittal).

3. He would have been imprisoned for a while before being let out on bail ... but since nothing would ever have the chance of being proven against him, his dignity (whatever is left of it) would have been salvaged.

The Indian judicial system is nice on paper - but there is no way of really testing it out. Getting justice in one's lifetime has become impossible in this country. A method for the speedy disposal of improtant cases is the need of the hour. For development is impossible without a robust justice system.

You can kill in India and not expect to be tried for a long time. You can be arrested for no reason at all and not be presented in a court for almost forever. The only way out is to befriend the politicians and see if they can "pressure" the judges to let you out easily.


Akhilesh said...

It is gratifying to see nine get a lifer in the Best Bakery case. And also gratifying to see Zahira get a show cause notice.

Perhaps all isn't unwell with our courts, after all.

Anonymous said...

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