Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shooting and Killing

Once upon a time one small boy
Stepped on the foot of a big fat man
The man then fell on his knee
And suffered momentary agony.

Angered by the gall of the boy,
The man swore he would destroy
The boy and his family,
And he did so mercilessly.

He took a gun and shot them all,
In cold blood he saw them fall.
The fat man wanted the world to know
Don't mess with me, or your blood will flow.

The fat man then made many a gun,
He would give to some, and others he would shun.
And when other people tried to make them on their own,
The fat man would talk foul and frown.

And often, he would talk of dangers of the gun,
Scare the living daylights of everyone.
Others should not have the gun, he would say,
They might accidentally blow people away.


Anonymous said...

you are talking of nations is it in this poem of yours?? and the new title of your blog is better than the before methinks,evolution!! But the latin titke(I thought it was latin) sounded more philosophic.

Akhilesh said...

Yeah. Nations. Nukes.

The latin title (you could have googled it) meant "let false philosophy dominate your life" or something along those lines. I thought I was being too honest in that.

Radha said...

Hee hee...Finally understood it...good one...