Monday, February 06, 2006

Inequities 2: Karim and Yusuf

In the town of Mumbai lived Karim
Abject poverty he lived in.
He drove a taxi for a life,
With the cab he fed his son and wife.

He struggled fifteen hours a day,
- for he needed every inch of this pay.
School isn't cheap, you know
English medium especially so.

They lived in a slum in town,
In a place rented, not their own.
It had a leaky roof,
And a landlord who was aloof.

Of Karim Yusuf had been a friend,
But their friendship came to a premature end,
WhenYusuf flew to a place far away,
namely the US of A.

Yusuf worked as a cabbie in New York,
Only 9 to 5 he needed to work!
He would get enough to eat and drink,
and a nice deposit in the bank.

He managed to buy an American House,
Just with his 9 to 5 income.
He married and American girl,
His was an American world.

And in pride, Yusuf would oft exclaim
" Why is America so rich?It's quite plain
It's just toil and hard work,
Karim is poor because he's a lazy Indian jerk!"


Radha said...

Good to see you trying out some poetry. I like it.

Akhilesh said...

What do you like? The notion that I am "trying out" poetry, or the poems?